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My uncle has been at Boulevard about a month. Things have been good so far. We were nervous but they have been taking good care of him. Parking sucks. I think most of the parking is taken up by the employees. I wish they had more parking spaces for visitors.
LaShay Love (Shay Shay)
Awesome facility; I was a patient there and there are the best. The place is nice and clean and thww staff is so friendly. This placeade me feel at home. Thank you Boulevard staff p
Larry Thomas
My Loved one stayed at Boulevard and I must say it was a great outcome and the staff was exceptional, Michelle in admissions is fantastic and the administrator Donna Lee is Awesome. They pay a lot of attention to there patients.
suzanne beasley
I went on a tour last week at Boulevard my mom will need some rehab due to a fall. I tour with a young lady name Michelle she was very knowledgeable made me feel so comfortable and at easy . I will definitely be chosing Boulevard for moms rehab . Thank you Michelle
Lauren Bryant
I went there to get some information about availability and if it was a good fit for my grandma. The staff was very friendly, very clean and pleasant atmosphere.
Wonderful staff and very clean facility!
sara zigliotto
I'm a snowbird down from Michigan when we got here in Florida my mom got sick and needed rehab. So we chose BOULEVARD. I CAN SAY HOW PLEASE I am with the level of CARE and Professionalism we receive from the STAFF. The place is clean and well kept..THANKS TO Michelle in admission great customer service
Zachary Lion
Boulevard Rehab is a very good place to place your love ones for rehab or long term care, nursing staffs are very professional caring and knowledgeable. The physical ,speech, and occupational therapist are wonderfull. My mother was a patient there back in 2010 and received the best care i would recommend anybody to this facilitates
Marie Dormil
Boulevard is Amazing place . Great atmosphere to recovery.. Staff is on point working to gather as a team .The residents is very nice .
Michelle Barnes
Great place to put your love one.
Jessica Campbell
Great place to work, the staffs are very compassionate and professional !!
Diersa, Elisha, Dieslyn Decome
What a great place to put your love ones . The staff is GREAT . The place is very clean . Staff is caring and kind
Allison Mendez
Great place to work !
keinyya daise
Great workplace!
Ange Lesene
The staff is amazing, the place is spotless, wow.
I enjoyed my time and everyone. Great hospitality. Initially I wasn't sure if I would leave because I was in a poor medical condition. With the help of God and your staff I am able to return home back to my prior level of function. I am forever grateful. Thank you all.
Margarette Luberisse
My mother is getting great care here. They treat the residents very well and there’s a warm, comfy feeling around the whole place. Everyone from the nurses, aides, receptionist and therapists are true professionals!
Holly Susan
Rehab facilities are extremely difficult to gauge. One person will praise the location, the next will condemn it. I feel that some of the reviews are written by the employees or staff and also that some are written from spite. What suffers here are the needs of the people searching for a decent facility. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing for sure.
This facility is a hidden gem in Boynton Beach. Caring hearts and caring hands provide state of the art in-house dialysis and exceptional rehab! Sweet things are happening at Boulevard!
Crafting Starts With Coffee
The staff was fantastic. They were helpful friendly and welcoming. I feel that my parents are in a safe place
Hilary Corbi
Great facility. My mom currently a patient and the staff is wonderful.
carl the cat
Top-Notch care! We were scared and didn’t know if my mom was going to recover from a fall. It was a complicated injury and we were all scared. Boulevard Nursing, Therapy, Doctors, staff, dietary and housekeeping all played a part in caring for my mother and supported my family throughout the healing process. Their compassion assured my mother’s recovery and they all helped me understand the nature of mom’s condition with her elder care needs. There is no one i would trust more than the Boulevard team. They are the best!!
Sean Shevlin
I was at probably my lowest point of my life when I entered Boulevard Rehabilitation Center. I was very sick and injured and THIS MIGHTY STAFF turned me into a human being again. I can now walk instead of being in a wheelchair and I am able to go to my home sweet home again in a state where I can do many things. The Rehab department and therapists were top of the line. The CNAs, my Angels, hard-working, caring and loving. Each department was full of compassion. I am full of gratitude as the center had become a home away from home. I have been here twice and I hope not to come back as a patient only as a visitor!
Rita Stein
The staff was especially helpful and very friendly-no complaints!
Mr. C
5 Plus Stars!!!! Because of the care I received I am able to walk, give myself a bath and dress myself. I am glad I was able to go home to my wife. When I came to Boulevard I could not help myself, I was afraid to stand up and walk. Now I am not afraid to walk, I am able to take care of myself and be with my family. I will recommend Boulevard to anybody. I also was on a feeding tube when I entered Boulevard and now I am not and I can eat again.
Laumane Guillaume
When I came to Boulevard Rehabilitation I was unable to stand or walk. With the care of the staff I learned to stand and can now walk with a walker. I am very happy and give 5 plus star!
Ellen Janus
I have a happy and healthy Life here so for that I give it a 5 star. The facility is clean and neat. The nurses are very helpful and meet my needs well and I trust their ability to care for me. The therapy department are all good. My CNA Vivian is very dependable caring she knows my routines and how I like to be treated.
Eunice Baskin
My brother is a resident at Boulevard Rehabilitation. He has lived there for over year and I am giving Boulevard a 5-Star. The therapy is outrageously good you get a 100 an A+Thank you so much! He is being kept clean and taken care of. I really appreciate you guys taking care of my brother...God bless you!
Russell Adams
On behalf of my father who has lived at Boulevard Rehab Center since Feb. 20, 2019, he has been well taken care of and I am happy with everything. Therapy has been focusing more time on bathroom duties, showering and walking. They have him up in a chair and his spending more time in his chair; and tolerating much better. Nursing staff is good, they always address my questions and concerns. Housekeeping is always around, keeping this center clean. He enjoys his food. I am very happy with the care my father receives at Boulevard Rehab Center.
Ballyram Bhagwandin
The nursing staff is kind and gentle and I like how they always have fresh fruit and snacks available. I love the activities they provide for me and have different games and events daily that are all fun.
Lessie Sherman
The Nursing staff is 5 star. My therapy at Boulevard Rehabilitation was perfect and it accomplished everything it was supposed to. Since the new chef started the food is much improved. The staff care for me well and get me up at my preferred time which meets my needs and allows my to live how I wish. The nursing staff is very respectful and always there for me. I have live here for 2 years and the nursing staff is 5 star.
David Phillips
In general I find all the staff to be kind and I would give this a "6" star review if I could. I have lived at Boulevard for three months now In the post-acute unit. I think the food, the TV and the building are all great, but most importantly the people are great. I have been to many rehabilitation centers and when I go home, should I ever need to be in a center again, I would choose Boulevard.
J Houde
Boulevard Rehabilitation Center. Is growing and continues to create new and innovative ways to enhance meals, service and care for residents This place is Great ! We care about You !
Robb Champion
Boulevard Rehab Center is a beautiful facility that I’ve personally had the pleasure of working at for the past 3 weeks. The facility has some of the most caring and compassionate staff I’ve ever worked with. Boulevard Rehab has an amazing therapy department which offers Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy that will get your loved back to optimal health. I highly recommend Boulevard Rehab Center for you or your loved one.
Latonya Nunn
I arrived at Boulevard Rehab Center 5 weeks ago as the new administrator. I have had a chance to meet the staff, work with the staff, and be very pleased by what I have seen. The staff is caring and passionate about what they do - which is caring for our residents and each other. I have read the Google reviews and was dismayed to read some which do not reflect what I have seen. I would admit my parents here! And be proud to say so. (The food is really good, too, thanks to our new chef.) As with any organization, there are growing pains. However, with the commitment of the leadership team, and our dedicated caring staff, Boulevard Rehabilitation Center will be the top rated SNF with outstanding quality care.
Donna-Lee Fabian
Best Nursing staff, DON is phenomenal. Quick and great customer service.
Beaute Fatale
This is my second time at Boulevard as a resident and I could not be more pleased with the nursing care. The food has been great since the new chef has started and I have no complaints. My therapists were good and helped me get back to my previous self. The C.N.A.s helped me when I could not do things for myself and showed me how to do the things I could. If not for the helpful staff in the Social Services department I would not have been able to return home. They went above and beyond by making sure my electricity was turned back on and my broken air conditioner was replaced. I'm going to tell all my friends about my pleasant and helpful time at Boulevard Rehabilitation. Thank you all, you made me feel important!
Alan Gootman
Wonderful place to work. Staff is friendly and welcoming. The facility is clean and beautiful
Taylor’s Dance Moves
I am a resident at Boulevard Rehab Center and my care here has been very good. The nursing staff treat me with dignity and they really care about me. The therapy staff really cater me and work me hard! The food is very good and the new chef has really made a different in the meals we are served. The building is clean and everyone here is friendly. I definitely recommend Boulevard.
Jose Felix
I have been residing at Boulevard Rehabilitation since November of 2018. I came following a hospital stay and had to remain for long-term care. I am now very mobile and take an active role in the facility. The leadership listens to me and acts upon my suggestions. My CNAs treat me very well and I do not think people appreciate the difficult and complex work they do. I find Boulevard to be extremely clean. I think my nurses are great and they watch over me and my care. When I first arrived I was very compromised and the therapists as well as the nursing department brought me back. Boulevard is my home and I love it here.
Jo Crowel
Just one recommendation. Turn off the nurses cell phones. Many of them, not all, pay more attention to their phones than their patients. Just saying. Not bad, but hardly great! Response times are not the best, sometimes as long as 90 minutes. So don't be in a hurry, or walk out to the nursing station. As for the food, 2 stars. Mostly served at room temperature. One day my hot food was cold and my ice cream was melted. Go figure. The heating plate is generally at or only just above body temperature. They do have some good food, and well prepared, it's unfortunate that it can't be served at the right temperature. The staff are kind and caring for the most part. Friendly and cheerful. 5 stars there. Most are skilled and capable, RN, LPN, CNA's for the most part. Occasionally you may find someone not experienced in a particular aspect of care, but they can't teach everything in school. Overall, a decent place to go to recover. Oh, yeah, don't forget to meet your guardian angel. They can be a great help! 5/30 Breakfast was stone cold. Drank the OJ, ate the banana, the bacon, and the roll. Tried to get the oatmeal heated to no avail. Yuck! 8/30 Something must have happened in August. A great lunch on the 26th, and a good breakfast this morning. Good variety and serving size, and actually pretty close to HOT! Good work Sean and staff.
Anthony Lang
Wonderful place, the Staff, Nurses, Patients and Doctors are wonderful. The team does a great job and are super accommodating.
Nice place... the Rehab team here is outstanding. Its Clean and the food is pretty good.
Avery Siders
The superior rehab team at Boulevard inclusive of highly experienced and knowledgeable therapists and nurses are responsive to all the needs of residents and families .We strive to ensure that any and all issues that are brought to the attention of management are handled timely and effectively .This is a facility that has compassionate and caring staff who treat the residents as if they were their own family members . We provide an individual treatment approach to all who come to our facility for services . Our many positive outcomes handwritten by many of our past residents speaks volumes to the excellent service we provide . Boulevard Rehab is the place for your loved one in need of post- acute nursing and rehab services .
Daryl Mcfarlane
I visited this Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center today and was impressed with how clean it was. The nursing staff was so positive and professional. If you are in need of a health care center to care for your family member, I highly recommend you consider Boulevard Nursing and Rehab Center.
Tom O'Neill
Each day speaks for itself, however, working at this facility over the years I must say I enjoy my colleagues and team work goes a far way. I've seen the positive outcomes and have communicated with the Patient's. Patient's have verbalized their appreciation and compared status upon admission to discharge. It's a joy to observe the Patient's and their family member's upon discharge, as they embrace the moment to return to the community.
patricia warren
I arrived at Boulevard Rehabilitation under the recommendation of my son who lives in the area. I wasn't sure what to expect but boy was I surprised. I was in short term rehabilitation for over 45 days and I literally cried when they told be that I had graduated Rehab and could head to an ALF. The staff treated me like family. The nursing care was great and the customer service was exceptional. I made a great recovery with the help of the Rehabilitation Team. I will recommend this Skilled Nursing Facility to everyone.
ashley Brown
I would highly recommend this facility. The level of care and compassion provided by the staff was excellent and I am very grateful for the kindness shown to my mother.
Michele Horowitz
Most of us expect perfections thats why we end up being frustrated, take time to listen to your complaints if its possible and achievable by human being. I love this place!!! especially the Managements, they listen to your needs and act immediately. I am very pleased with the service we received. I hope they continue to make improvements in people lives. Keep it up Boulevard!
Crib Castro
My Aunt was a resident at Boulevard Rehab for about 3 weeks. While we were there they exceeded our expectations! The nurses and the physical therapists were spectacular! Always were so caring and nice. although my aunt had a few medical issues the staff took attention to them immediately. Her room was clean and the house keeping and maintenance staff were great! Overall the facility deserves the 4 star rating.
Robin Craig
Dad really liked this place
Lisa Heide
A close friend of mine had her mother in this facility and I spent a lot of time there with her. The facility and her room were very clean and the staff were very attentive, caring, and professional. The Therapy Dept. was wonderful and got her back in shape and back at home in no did the Nursing Dept. I found the room to be spacious. Most notably...the facility did not smell when you walked in! I would recommend this facility in a heartbeat! I'm shocked at the reviews I have seen on Google! I could not have had a more pleasant experience at Boulevard!
Nancy Botwin