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My name is Mary Wanless the President for the Residents Council here. I have lived here now for 4 Months I love it here,there is so much to do in Activity. The people are nice and friendly. The place is very clean. The staff is very helpful and considerate. I recommend seniors to live here. Boulevard is great
Mary Wanless
My name is Eunice Baskin I have lived at Boulevard Rehabilitation for almost 6 years. It is a home away from home, most of the residents are my best friends. I appreciate the staff of whom I most grateful for them going above and beyond to help me everyday. I love my nurses Ricky and Michael they are very attentive to me. We have a vibrant Resident Council of which I am the treasurer on the Board. As for Activities , It keeps me active and entertained everyday. My Cna s are caring and attentive to my needs. I strongly recommend Boulevard Rehab for your love ones to live or for Physical Therapy
Eunice Baskin
My sister was at Boulevard Rehabilitation Center for three weeks for post-surgery rehab. From admissions to discharge I was impressed by the quality of care she received. My first impression was the cleanliness of the facility. The floors shined and there wasn't the typical nursing home smell. My sister's room was spotless and was kept clean by a conscientious housekeeping staff. In addition, the quality of the food was excellent. The physical and occupational therapists were top-notch as well as the entire patient care team. I researched all of the rehab centers that were in-network with her insurance and chose Boulevard because of their high rating . Anyone reading this should not hesitate to place their loved-one there. I wish I could give them six stars!
Highly recommend! Best decision to bring my mother for rehab and short-term care. Dr. Daryl McFarland- Director of PT is so amazing and so invested in the well-being of the Boulevard residents! She takes the time to communicate regularly to patient's families as well! Well-run Rehabilitation Center!
Caroline L.
I work here. I love the staff. Wonderful experience for me. Tanisha is great. I enjoy coming to work and interacting with the residents!
Machele Humose
Great rehab department and courteous staff
Ernie Bocchino
Boulevard Rehabilitation is one of the only operations in the palm beach area that offers rehabilitation along with dialysis.If anyone is is need of this type of health care I highly recommend speaking with Amen Lawani!
Joseph Diamond
From day one, with meeting Amen , Director of Admissions I couldn’t be happier with the service received. Professional and experienced, she helped me through all the challenges and process of getting my mom admitted. I never once got an answering machine when I called her. She always picked up the phone and helped me. My mother has been at the Boulevard for 3 days so far and all staff I have come across has been respectful and helpful. I will write again if this type of treatment continues! Gay Koumjian
Gay Melanie Koumjian
This is a retraction from my previous review. I had only been at the facility for one day. My experience has now changed. I am no longer neglected. The stagg is friendly and helpful. The r therapists are very knowledgeable and helpful. I would now highly recommend this center
Evelyn Feldstein
It was so interesting and fascinating to have my clinical at Boulevard rehabilitation center. By being exposed to a variety of cases where I was required to use my nursing knowledge, abilities and skills, I have learned a lot. That was a great experience that helped me with my patient-nursing centered car and my career. Thanks a lot to Boulevard’s staff!
H Veillard
I was very pleased with the care that my mother received at the facility. She needed skilled rehabilitation services following a fall at home that resulted in a hip fracture. After approximately three weeks of receiving physical therapy, she regained her functional mobility and was able to return home walking without assistance. Of note, Boulevard Rehabilitation Center is on of the few facilities in our neighboring community that offers in-house dialysis. The staff members are courteous and their attitudes reflect the ethics of care.
Oligario Germinal
Best decision ever to bring my love one to the facility. Dr.Singh is amazing, Therapy team is the best. Nursing staff phenomenal. Cna’s took care of my mim as their own. Fayline the Unit manager thank you for your patience.
Delizanne J.
My grandfather has been here for a few months and we have had absolutely no issues. Great communication, Great staff!
Marlon Herndon
I can’t express how grateful and please I am with the quality of care that was given on the East Wing. If your looking for a clean environment and professional and caring staff look no further. The nurses and aides were attentive and thorough. Faline is a wonderful and amazing addition to your team and management team. I love that it’s near the hospital. I would not hesitate to recommend this facility to anyone looking for good care for their loved one.
Doika Lacometre
The entire staff is AMAZING here. They put patient care above all else! Frances at the front is so friendly. Allison the activities director is the sweetest and the social workers Palmier and Danica really go above and beyond! Would recommend this facility to anyone who wants great care for their loved ones.
Erika Kehlhofer
The staff at Boulevard are extremely friendly, work quickly to resolve issues, and overall keep a very clean and inviting facility. I have no complaints about the level of care my family member received while they stayed at the facility for short term rehab.
Obi Rodriguez
A family friend of mine has been here for a while and I must commend the staff, very caring patient and professional.
Kamali May
The staff is exceptional, so compassionate and caring. Patients are definitely happy, and it shows. Will be back for sure. There was one staff by the name Faline she is phenomenal. ❤️
Jedmie Lacometre
Staff on East wing are awesome. My grandma is so happy to be there. Food is awesome. Faline the manager always calls and gives me updates.
Nancie Paul
Allison and Sophie are an inspiration to all residents sharing their love and faith .
Robyn Green
They help my family alot thank you guys
Vina Nelcy
Tameka and Allison and Danica are the best .
Frank William
Best nursing home ever!!!! Great staff!!!!
Sophonie Montissol
I love this place. The staff are awesome and amazing. I love Spooky when he comes he have all the staff dancing. I love playing Bingo and Poke with the resident
Mary Gosier
Boulevard is a wonderful place to be. The staff is amazing and wonderful. I love activities and the entertainment. And the beautiful woman they have.....
Briana Barnes
Happy staff good nursing team Great facility
Raymond Jozius
Awesome job rehab staff I can walk again
Guerdie Honorat
Clean and beautiful facility Love the staff
Ekanol Agenord
The staff on the3 to 11 shift rock Thank you
Francoise Desty
I Had my Dad there and I was please with thé care. Definately recommence them
Meange Joseph
The staff was great my sister is in the long term care and they take such good care of her.we visit almost every weekend great place for your love ones
Livia Jean
I had a family friend there for a short while and we were very pleased with the level of care she received. The building was clean and the food was okay. The rehab team did a fabulous job and we loved the nursing team very friendly and courteous
Ketelie Perre Gilles
I visited 3 different nursing homes then after a tour of Boulevard I decided to have my husband stay there I have no regrets great place for your love ones
Marie Dorjean
I enjoyed having my Nursing Clinicals here. I learned how to take care of many different patients. Nurses were very helpful!
eva nichole
Great 1st day experience with my students. The staff is exceptional, so compassionate and caring. Patients are definitely happy, and it shows. Will be back for sure. Thanks for the hospitality and love Boulevard Rehab. ❤️
Sharon Cain
The building does need some renovation, but stuff is caring, and patient activities are up to the standards. They do life music days, karaoke days, dancing and other activities for ALF and skills nursing residents. Food is OK not too bad but worse compared to Bethesda East Hospital.
maxim krymov
Awesome facility; I was a patient there and there are the best. The place is nice and clean and thww staff is so friendly. This placeade me feel at home. Thank you Boulevard staff p
Larry Thomas
I went on a tour last week at Boulevard my mom will need some rehab due to a fall. I tour with a young lady name Michelle she was very knowledgeable made me feel so comfortable and at easy . I will definitely be chosing Boulevard for moms rehab . Thank you Michelle
Lauren Bryant
I went there to get some information about availability and if it was a good fit for my grandma. The staff was very friendly, very clean and pleasant atmosphere.
Wonderful staff and very clean facility!
sara zigliotto
Boulevard Rehab is a very good place to place your love ones for rehab or long term care, nursing staffs are very professional caring and knowledgeable. The physical ,speech, and occupational therapist are wonderfull. My mother was a patient there back in 2010 and received the best care i would recommend anybody to this facilitates
Marie Dormil
Boulevard is Amazing place . Great atmosphere to recovery.. Staff is on point working to gather as a team .The residents is very nice .
Michelle Barnes
Great place to put your love one.
Jessica Campbell
Great place to work, the staffs are very compassionate and professional !!
Eline Decome
This is a review from one of our residents who gave me permission to publicly share her success story at Boulevard Rehabilitation .Ms Jean Boynton is currently a resident and has been here since April 6th 2023. I am proud to say that Boulevard has improved my Physical situation concerning my Health issues. I was bed bound flat on my back for 10 Months unable to move and was also placed on Hospice. In February of 2024 I Heard music in the Activity Department that encouraged me to get up and i watched the live Entertainment which I really enjoyed. After much encouragement from staff and my roommate i am now doing physical therapy 3 times week, I am completely off hospice, I'm in a brand-new wheelchair moving about freely. I'm able to transfer from wheelchair to bed on my own. I want to thank my Therapists Ingrid and Elien for working with me daily. And last but by no means least the amazing staff in Activity department who keeps me entertained and endure that my Physo Social needs are met on a daily basic. Boulevard is the place to be Ilive here and I am Happy and Comfotable.
Allison Mendez
Great workplace!
Ange Lesene
The staff is amazing, the place is spotless, wow.
I enjoyed my time and everyone. Great hospitality. Initially I wasn't sure if I would leave because I was in a poor medical condition. With the help of God and your staff I am able to return home back to my prior level of function. I am forever grateful. Thank you all.
Margarette Luberisse
My mother is getting great care here. They treat the residents very well and there’s a warm, comfy feeling around the whole place. Everyone from the nurses, aides, receptionist and therapists are true professionals!
Holly Susan
Rehab facilities are extremely difficult to gauge. One person will praise the location, the next will condemn it. I feel that some of the reviews are written by the employees or staff and also that some are written from spite. What suffers here are the needs of the people searching for a decent facility. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing for sure.
This facility is a hidden gem in Boynton Beach. Caring hearts and caring hands provide state of the art in-house dialysis and exceptional rehab! Sweet things are happening at Boulevard!
Crafting Starts With Coffee
The staff was fantastic. They were helpful friendly and welcoming. I feel that my parents are in a safe place
Hilary Corbi
Great facility. My mom currently a patient and the staff is wonderful.
carl the cat
Boulevard Rehabilitation Center. Is growing and continues to create new and innovative ways to enhance meals, service and care for residents This place is Great ! We care about You !
Robb Champion
Wonderful place to work. Staff is friendly and welcoming. The facility is clean and beautiful
Taylor’s Dance Moves
Boulevard Rehab Center is a beautiful facility that I’ve personally had the pleasure of working at for the past 3 weeks. The facility has some of the most caring and compassionate staff I’ve ever worked with. Boulevard Rehab has an amazing therapy department which offers Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy that will get your loved back to optimal health. I highly recommend Boulevard Rehab Center for you or your loved one.
Latonya Nunn
Best Nursing staff, DON is phenomenal. Quick and great customer service.
Beaute Fatale
Just one recommendation. Turn off the nurses cell phones. Many of them, not all, pay more attention to their phones than their patients. Just saying. Not bad, but hardly great! Response times are not the best, sometimes as long as 90 minutes. So don't be in a hurry, or walk out to the nursing station. As for the food, 2 stars. Mostly served at room temperature. One day my hot food was cold and my ice cream was melted. Go figure. The heating plate is generally at or only just above body temperature. They do have some good food, and well prepared, it's unfortunate that it can't be served at the right temperature. The staff are kind and caring for the most part. Friendly and cheerful. 5 stars there. Most are skilled and capable, RN, LPN, CNA's for the most part. Occasionally you may find someone not experienced in a particular aspect of care, but they can't teach everything in school. Overall, a decent place to go to recover. Oh, yeah, don't forget to meet your guardian angel. They can be a great help! 5/30 Breakfast was stone cold. Drank the OJ, ate the banana, the bacon, and the roll. Tried to get the oatmeal heated to no avail. Yuck! 8/30 Something must have happened in August. A great lunch on the 26th, and a good breakfast this morning. Good variety and serving size, and actually pretty close to HOT! Good work Sean and staff.
Anthony Lang
Each day speaks for itself, however, working at this facility over the years I must say I enjoy my colleagues and team work goes a far way. I've seen the positive outcomes and have communicated with the Patient's. Patient's have verbalized their appreciation and compared status upon admission to discharge. It's a joy to observe the Patient's and their family member's upon discharge, as they embrace the moment to return to the community.
patricia warren
I would highly recommend this facility. The level of care and compassion provided by the staff was excellent and I am very grateful for the kindness shown to my mother.
Michele Horowitz